Uploading Results

Unit Chairs can contact Learning Innovation team if you need assistance by using the Result Finalising and Uploading Form. The team can provide support as you undertake the process. However, the expectation is that you will complete the task yourself but the Learning Innovation team member can assist you to complete the process correctly.

Unit chairs are responsible for:

  • Downloading their unit’s classlist from Callista.
  • Setting up the gradebooks by merging student details from the Callista classlist, and entering the details of assessment tasks and available marks.
  • Extracting assessment results from CloudDeakin and merging those results into the Gradebook (Learning Innovations can provide support on merging results if requested) and
  • Reviewing the results, making necessary adjustments for student results affected by hurdle fails, or whose marks you wish to round up from, for example 69 to 70.

Once the gradebook is finalised, it needs to be uploaded to Callista following your DoT’s approval. If you need support undertaking this task, you can contact the Learning Innovation team.

For the purposes of clarity, there are only two steps that you can ask Learning Innovations to do for you (these carry the greatest risk of errors in the results):

  1. Merging the assessment results from the CloudDeakin spreadsheet into the Gradebook; and
  2. Preparing the final Callista spreadsheet for the upload of results to Callista, and the actual upload itself.

Step by Step video instructions on how to upload results:


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