Managing Resources

The resource tool enables you to create, edit, organize and delete modules and topics in your unit. The resource area also enables you to link to other tools in CloudDeakin that you are using, which means you can set up the resource area to provide one area for the students to access their learning materials from. For example, you can provide links to:

  • Assignment Folders
  • Discussion Forums/Topics
  • Deakin Video Class Recording and Seminars
  • Quizzes

Tips and hints using the resources tool

  • The drag and drop function to add files from your desktop only works on certain browsers (i.e. Mozilla, Chrome)
  • When moving content modules make sure you place your cursor over the para icon next to the title of the module; then hold your mouse down and drag the module to where you want it a line appears which indicates where the module will be placed.
  • If you want a module to become a sub-module drag it on top of the module you want it placed into, you’ll notice the module turns orange, release the mouse when it
  • To delete a module select it in the table of contents From the drop-down menu “Actions” select delete module
  • To add a module, scroll until you see the last item in the Table of Contents Type in the name of the new module in the “Add a module” box.
To Add Module
  • To add a new submodule, select the module in the table of contents list you want the module to sit inside at the bottom of the files, list for that module type in the title of the sub-module in the “Add a sub-module” box.

HTML Style Sheets to Organise Resources

Staff members can organise their content by using one of the Business and Law style sheet ‘BL Weekly Topic’.

Useful Resources

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