Class Recordings

Deakin Video gives you the ability to capture and record presentations in a Deakin Video recording venue. You can also use Deakin Video to capture or upload media recorded on another device or software and link these to your CloudDeakin site.

Tips and hints using Deakin Video

  • The scheduling of lecture class capture is now automated via SyllabusPlus (timetabling). 
  • When teaching spaces with lecture capture facilities are timetabled for a class, a corresponding booking is now automatically created in Deakin Video so that a recording can be made available to students through CloudDeakin. Last minute change of venues is also catered for in the system. A list of venues and additional detail are available on the CloudDeakin Guides website
  • It is the responsibility of the Unit Chair to upload the link after the first lecture to their CloudDeakin A folder in your List of contents has been created for the Class Recordings. There are instructions on CloudDeakin Guides website on how to add the link to the content.
  • If you need assistance in adding the link to your CloudDeakin unit please contact bl-
  • If you want to link to individual recordings in weekly modules you will need to complete the following steps each
  1. Click the content link from the Navigation Bar at the top of the Unit
  2. Go to the module you wish to add the Class recording
  3. Click the Existing Activities link then select External Learning Tools
  4. A pop-up box will appear, select Deakin Video from the dropdown menu labeled Additional

 6. From the Table of Contents, click on the link to Deakin Video that you have just Note: If you receive a security Warning Message, press continue.

  • Link to individual Class recordings. Click the + button next to the section ie Burwood (T2 2020) to expand the unit offering and show the available individual Click on the Link to Catalog button to link to the desired recording. You can also preview a recording before you create the link (this will open in a new tab). 

If you require access to old recordings please notify BL Learning Innovations CloudDeakin Support so they can import them and add a link to your site. You will need to provide the following details so they can easily source your recordings: Unit code, trimester and year it was used, campus, old iLecture name and date for each recording. In addition please provide the new title for the Deakin Video to go into your site e.g. Topic 1 Introduction to Accounting if you do not provide preferred titles recordings will be uploaded as recording 1, recording 2, etc.

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