Assignment Dropbox

The Assignment tool manages the online submission and marking of assignments for students. Students can submit, check against Turnitin and resubmit their assignments online.

Once assignments are submitted, staff can:

  • Check submission times
  • Grade assignments
  • Leave feedback
  • Return submissions with comments
  • Download assignments as zip files
  • Sort assignments by students

Who in Learning Innovations can help me with this?

We can support unit teams in the setup of any online Quiz, Assignment dropboxes, Grades, Rubrics, and Groups. Please use the following web form to lodge a request for this with learning Innovations.

Useful Resources

Tips and hints using assignments

  • A sample assignment dropbox with the correct naming convention is included as part of the unit template.
  • Turnitin must be enabled for final assessment submission dropboxes. Turnitin is software that has been integrated with CloudDeakin to detect text in assignment submissions that may not be original. Turnitin generates an ‘originality report’ that sets out the quantity and source of any text that is matched with other sources in the Turnitin database. More information on Turnitin is available in the TeachAssist Turnitin Guide.
  • Students can check their drafts via a central location in the Unistart CloudDeakin site. Here students can learn more about Academic Integrity and learn about their responsibilities relating to plagiarism or collusion in submitting
  • All assignment dropboxes require a due date and the end date. Please note that the end date of the folder can only be open for an additional 5 days past the due date. The maximum end date of any assignment dropbox for a given trimester period should be the date when the final results are released.
  • Turnitin Grademark can be used to markup assignments for feedback. If using this feature, a number. ‘1’, must be entered in the Turnitin Grademark mark field in order to have the Grademark icon appear for students to access the Turnitin Grademark markup feedback. Do not sync the Turnitin Grademark marks with CloudDekain (D2L) grades, and do not use the Turnitin rubrics tool, but instead use the CloudDeakin (D2L) assignment rubrics tool.
  • You no longer have to create a late submission folder. CloudDeakin has a function called “Has End Date”. Which means any submissions submitted after the due date will be marked late between the “Has Due Date” date/time to the “Has End Date” date/time. Students do not see the “Has End Date” date/time in the properties of the assignment folder.
  • Students who have been granted late submissions should be added to the special access under the restrictions tab of the assignment folder settings
  • You cannot change the folder type from individual to a group or vice versa once it has been setup. You will have to recreate the folder if you need to change
  • If your assignment is a group assignment you will need to setup your groups first before creating the assignment The automatic creation of groups only works when students are enrolled in the unit as it bases the number of groups created on the number of students enrolled. Students are enrolled in the unit 1 week before the trimester starts. Contact BL Learning Innovations Support for assistance with creating groups.
  • If students are required to upload more than 1 document to the assignment folder you cannot use the option overwrite submissions in the submission options for the properties for the assignment
  • The plagiarism declaration, below, needs to be copied into the custom instructions.

Each new assignment folder must have this statement copied into the custom instructions.



Plagiarism and collusion constitute extremely serious academic misconduct. They are forms of cheating, and severe penalties are associated with them, including cancellation of marks for a specific assignment, for a specific unit or even exclusion from the course. If you are ever in doubt about how to properly cite a reference, consult your lecturer or the Study Support website

  • Plagiarism occurs when a student passes off as the student’s own work, or copies without acknowledgment as to its authorship, the work of any other person. 
  • Collusion occurs when a student obtains the agreement of another person for a fraudulent purpose, with the intent of obtaining an advantage in submitting an assignment or other work.

Work submitted may be reproduced and/or communicated by the university for the purpose of detecting plagiarism and collusion.

Students are reminded that assessment work, or parts of assessment work, cannot be re-submitted for a different assessment task in the same unit or any other unit, without the approval of the Unit Chair of this unit. This includes work submitted for assessment at another academic institution. If students wish to reuse or extend parts of previously submitted work then they should discuss this with the Unit Chair prior to the submission date. Depending on the nature of the task, the Unit Chair may permit or decline the request.


By clicking on the Submit button, I certify that the attached work is entirely my own (or where submitted to meet the requirements of an approved group assignment is the work of the group), except where work quoted or paraphrased is acknowledged in the text. I also certify that it has not been previously submitted for assessment in this or any other unit or course unless permission for this has been granted by the Unit Chair of this unit. I agree that Deakin University may make and retain copies of this work for the purposes of marking and review, and may submit this work to an external plagiarism and collusion detection service who may retain a copy for future plagiarism and collusion detection but will not release it or use it for any other purpose.