Modes of delivery


Units can be delivered in a number of modes. Irrespective of mode, a unit should require about 150 hours of effort across the trimester (including and up to the exam weeks) and all teaching activities should require students to be active in their learning and focussed on demonstrating achievement of the unit learning outcomes.

The predominant modes at Deakin are:

  • Located occurs when students attend learning opportunities on campus, in learning centres, or in industry settings such as laboratories, schools, and offices. It is characterised by opportunities for students to engage with teaching staff and peers in rich interpersonal interaction through large and small group events.
  • Online: occurs when students use technology to connect with unit resources, teaching staff, peers and assessment information. Students can sometimes work individually and asynchronously, however often students and staff work both collaboratively and synchronously online. Many students study wholly online and may never step foot onto a Deakin campus. Designing learning for Online students is just as important as designing for those studying on-campus.
  • Blended: Some units require students to engage in a mix of located and synchronous plus Online and asynchronous learning experiences. This blend of learning opportunities allows students to interact in real-time as well as time to work independently off-campus.
  • Intensive: delivery is a physical campus mode of delivery in which students complete the unit within a few weeks rather than over the full 11-week trimester.

    Care must be taken in the design of units delivered intensively as they still need to provide a student workload of approximately 150 hours per credit point. This workload would normally be completed through pre-readings and a mix of synchronous and asynchronous activities prior to the intensive class contact, the class contact, assessment and post-intensive readings and activities.

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