Approval process for changing units


As part of the unit evaluation and review process, you may decide to amend various aspects of the unit’s curriculum and/or delivery to improve the structure or resources you use for example. Or you may want to work to overcome any obstacles you’ve come across in the process of teaching the unit.

On other occasions, units may need amendment to support changes at a course level.

Whatever the reason, in addition to needing approval from the relevant Course Director/s and Director of Teaching, many amendments will require either noting or approval at the Faculty Curriculum Committee before they can be included in the Unit Guide, Handbook or unit site for the given trimester.

Types of unit changes

The following list includes the types of unit changes that are generally made to units.

  • Adding and removing a unit offering, including
    • Trimester of offer
    • Campus of offer
    • Mode of offer
  • Amendment to scheduled learning activities (this means, for example, changes to the class-seminar mix, or the length of seminars
  • Amendment to Unit title
  • Amendment to Unit code
  • Amendment to Incompatible Rule
  • Amendment to Credit point value
  • Archiving a unit
  • Amendment to unit content exceeding 30% change in a unit
  • Amendment to Assessment
  • Amendment to Unit Learning Outcomes
  • Amendment to Alignment of Graduate Learning Outcomes (to ULOs or Assessment)
  • Amendment to Prerequisite Rule
  • Amendment to Corequisite Rule
  • Amendment to Cohort Rule
  • Introduction of a new unit
  • Reactivating a unit

For full details of the requirements for each of these changes, including the level of approval required, please see the Curriculum Committee Guidelines on unit changes.

If you would like to initiate one of these changes or update the entry for your unit on the online handbook please contact your Course Support Officer from the Education team at least two weeks prior to the relevant agenda deadline for assistance with the preparation of the items and/or attaining relevant approvals.

Timelines for making unit changes

The Faculty Curriculum Committee is generally scheduled to meet on eight occasions throughout the year. If you are considering making changes to your unit, depending on the type of change, you may need to allow several months lead time for the change to be effective.

As a general rule, unit changes that require Curriculum Committee approval will be accepted for consideration by the Committee no later than one Trimester prior to the proposed effective date to the change.

Any proposals put forward after such a time will be accepted at the discretion of the Committee Chair. The exception to this is changes to assessment type, which must be approved prior to the publication of the handbook. See Changing learning outcomes and assessment for detailed information about the timeline and requirements for changing assessment types.

See the Curriculum Committee site for more information, including the deadlines for submitting unit changes for upcoming meetings.

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