Overview of unit preparation design


There is a lot to consider when it comes to unit design and development and your goal should be to ensure that:

  • there’s an overall concise, clear and logical sequence to the unit materials and the way they relate to the unit learning outcomes
  • educational technology tools used in the unit site are accessible and have a clear pedagogical underpinning
  • students have ample opportunities to interact meaningfully with the materials, the ideas inherent within the discipline, with their peers and with teaching staff
  • the process of learning is intellectually and professionally engaging and academic skills are scaffolded within the context of your unit
  • learning opportunities are meaningful, relevant and accessible to all students, regardless of their background, personal abilities or circumstances — for more information on inclusive teaching see the Deakin Inclusive Curriculum and Capacity Building website.

In addition, all assessment tasks must be prepared and released on the unit site in the week before trimester starts.

There is a team of Learning Designers within Learning Innovations who can provide you with support on how to design and develop your unit – including learning resources – to best ensure students are able to demonstrate achievement of the unit learning outcomes.

As you will see in this section, preparing teaching and learning resources requires planning every trimester of offering. You should commence the design and development of your unit and the preparation of learning and teaching activities and resources well in advance of the beginning of trimester – we suggest at least eight weeks in advance.

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