Set up the unit site


Each unit, irrespective of the mode of delivery, is required to have a unit site on CloudDeakin. This unit site is created within the University’s Learning Management System, Desire2Learn. All unit sites must adhere to Deakin’s Minimum Standards for Unit Sites which are part of the Course Design and Delivery Procedure.

Building the CloudDeakin unit site

All CloudDeakin unit sites are required to meet the minimum requirements for CloudDeakin unit sites within the Faculty of Business and Law. Please refer to the Minimum Standards outlined in clause 79 of the Course Delivery and Design Procedure when designing your unit site.

The Learning Innovations team also provides additional resources to assist you in building your unit site. Visit the Learning Innovations site to access the latest version of the CloudDeakin Unit Preparation Guide which includes detailed instructions on how to use the various tools within CloudDeakin to set up your unit site.

Included on each unit CloudDeakin site is the Staff Resources information located under the Staff Help widget. This collection includes links to templates, the unit preparation guide and other useful information.

The Faculty offers professional development opportunities for using CloudDeakin efficiently. Training ranges from the use of various unit site tools to teaching with learning technologies. All professional development opportunities are advertised via email.

Please use General Requests – Learning Innovation if you have questions about any aspect of unit, teaching and learning or assessment design.

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