TALIS Reading/Resources List


The Library has dedicated Library Liaisons for the Faculty of Business and Law. The Library Liaison service supports the University’s teaching, learning and research endeavours with the targeted delivery of appropriate information services and resources including course and unit development support, linking to information resources in CloudDeakin, suggestions for journal purchases, student training programs/workshops and research support.

Your Library Liaison Officer can help locate and organise your reading list and digital resources for your unit. Note that the Library does not normally hold multiple copies of textbooks. All Unit Chairs should maintain contact with the relevant Liaison Librarian to ensure that students are able to access all the relevant library resources to support their learning.

At Deakin, reading lists are managed in a system called TALIS Aspire and can links to the list or specific texts can be added to unit site to aid students in navigating to the right information at the right time. Students are able to access the reading list via the unit site or via the library catalogue.

The TALIS Aspire system is designed to assist the University in managing its copyright obligations by ensuring that when students are accessing material, they are doing so with the correct licence (digital resources) and within the maximum allowable for the particular publication. 

Within the reading list, links can be made to any file type. You could:

  • Add a book chapter (within copyright limits), you can request the library staff to digitise the resource thus enabling a link to be added.
  • Add websites and other (open access, open educational resources) links to the reading list as you are browsing them by installing the bookmark tool.
  • Using newspaper articles, there are a few extra steps particularly if they are not open access. If you need to get an article such as this, liaise with your Liaison Librarian.

For more information on setting up your TALIS reading list, including how to share the reading list on your units site, visit the Library’s reading list guide.

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