Special consideration


A student may apply for special consideration if they require an extension longer than seven days (between 7 and up to 14 calendar days for Students with an DRC Access Plan and/or using NIKERII Student Support services,) or they are unable to sit the task or exam at the scheduled time. Special consideration provides additional time to complete an assessment task, or the chance to complete an End of Unit Assessment task or Exam at another time.

Applications for special consideration must be lodged via StudentConnect no later than three University working days after the date of the examination, or the submission date for the assessment task.  Late applications are considered in extenuating circumstances (i.e. hospitalisation) on a case by case basis.

Applications for special consideration are submitted via an online form.

When a student applies for a deferred End of Unit Assessment task or Examination for your unit, the application will be reviewed by the Division of Student Administration and a recommendation will be sent to you.  Whereas applications for assessment items will be considered by the Faculty Academic Progress Committee in consultation with Unit Chairs.

When the student sits the supplementary/special exam, the Unit Chair must prepare an amendment to result form to recognise the student’s results in StudentConnect. If a student is granted a special exam and does not sit their exam, you will need to complete an Amendment to Result Form to finalise their results based on their progressive assessment.  The exception to this is when they have been granted further special consideration: referred to as “Special on Special Consideration”.

For assistance and support, please contact the Student Progress and Retention (SPAR) team at bl-spar@deakin.edu.au.

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