Finalising student results


As the Unit Chair, you are responsible for finalising the result for each student enrolled in the unit and submitting the results via Callista. Working with the other member/s of the unit assessment panel, the result must be determined by accumulating the marks for individual assessment tasks and can only be adjusted with the approval of Faculty Academic Progress Committee.

See the Assessments (Higher Education Courses) procedure for more information on the governance requirements for finalising results.

End of Trimester results are submitted electronically via the ‘Electronic Submission of Result’ (ESOR) system. A User Guide is available. At present, the finalisation of results process includes the following steps:

  • Marking of student work, moderation (including second marking as required) across the set of markers and recording results either in CloudDeakin Gradebook or a unit spreadsheet.
  • Collation of these results into a final mark and grade for each student using the University grading schema.
  • Documentation of changes to marks or grades resulting from special consideration, late penalties or failure to meet hurdle tasks.
  • Completion of the Faculty Unit Report Online Form in preparation for the examiners’ meeting.
  • Approval by the unit Assessment Panel of the final set of marks and grades for the unit.
  • Collation and/or transfer of the unit results onto the Faculty XL Gradebook ready for uploading.
  • Approval of results via ratification meeting held in each department or with Director of Teaching.
  • Uploading the official set of unit results to the ESOR system.

The Learning Innovations team supports staff in this process. For more information or if you would like assistance with this process, please visit the Uploading Results page.

All assessment tasks, rubrics, solutions, marking guides and gradebook should be uploaded to S drive for permanent storage. Do not upload results until the department/school ratification meeting says it is ok to upload. Unit chairs need to compare current trimester results with prior results and comment on variances

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