Assessment panels


An assessment panel is appointed by Faculty Board, for each unit offered in each study period.

Panels must consist of at least two members of academic staff of the University, one of whom will be the Unit Chair. The assessment panel members are nominated from ongoing academics who are knowledgeable about the unit, and perhaps who currently or have previously taught the unit, or who will teach it in the future.

The responsibilities of the Assessment Panels are set out in the Assessments (Higher Education Courses) Procedure.

The role of the Assessment Panel is to:

Review and approve assessment design and associated rubrics used to grade each assessment itemPre-Trimester Commencement
Approve examination papers prior to submission to the Division of Student AdministrationDuring Trimester
Consider the achievement of students undertaking the unitPost-Trimester Conclusion

Assessment Panels need to actively engage in the assessment of the unit by ensuring that students are provided with assessment that matches the unit level and challenges students appropriately.

Members of the Panel should also be involved in assuring that appropriate standards are set, communicated to students, and assessed.

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