Assessment Extensions


Students sometimes experience difficulties that prevent them from submitting a coursework assessment task by the due date.  In these circumstances, students can apply for an extension of the submission date.

Applications for an extension must be made before the due date unless there are circumstances beyond the student’s control that prevented this.

As the Unit Chair, you are the first port of call for students seeking an extension (except for examinations).

Where an assignment extension is sought before the due date and the extension is less than two weeks, the extension should be negotiated directly between you and the student. The students should be directed to apply via the form that is made available to them within the Assessment Resources tab of the unit site.

Supporting documentation (such as a medical certificate or statutory declaration) should be submitted with the application. Information on how to apply for the extension is also provided in the Unit Guide for each unit.

Students should only be directed to submit a formal application for an extension via StudentConnect in the following circumstances:

  • If they are seeking more than two weeks’ extension
  • If they are seeking an extension after the due date   
  • If they have already received an extension (up to 2 weeks) and they are requesting a further extension

It is important that assessment extension guidelines are applied consistently across the course, so it may be worth speaking to your Director of Teaching to ensure you work within the guidelines.

Factors to consider when assessing an extension request for less than two weeks

When considering an extension request, you are required to make a judgement as to whether the circumstances outlined by the student that will prevent them meeting the due date are such that are outside their control and substantiated with appropriate evidence.

  • Medical condition
  • An exacerbation of a condition covered by a Learning Access Plan (LAP). Students must indicate on the front of this form, if they are applying for a LAP covered condition.
  • Compassionate reasons
  • Hardship/trauma
  • Unexpected employer or carer demands
  • A requirement related to a student’s obligations as an elite athlete (they must be registered with the Deakin EAFU program)
  • Military, jury or emergency service obligations
  • Obligatory religious or faith-based commitments
  • Obligatory cultural commitments of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders

If you are in doubt about the authenticity of the documentation that is provided by a student, email .

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