Amendment of results


Where a result is found to have been incorrectly uploaded or was not completed at results release (e.g. RW/RI/RIE/SAA/SAE grades) the Unit Chair will need to submit an Amendment to Result (ATR) form.

If a result is identified as incorrect following results release (e.g. due to an administrative error in uploading), the Unit Chair should discuss the matter with the Director of Teaching before taking any action. However, if the error needs to be corrected the Unit Chair should complete an ATR form. It is not necessary to ask the student to apply for an administrative review.

Unit Chairs must complete their details on the form in the “Chair Assessment Panel” section. A physical signature is not required when sent from the Unit Chair’s Deakin email account – a typed name is sufficient for submission as a Word document (preferred format). Do not submit handwritten documents.

Send completed ATR forms through to to be checked and processed by the Faculty Academic Progress Committee.

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