Assessing, marking and providing feedback on student achievement


Assessment of student learning is one of the major components of your work as a unit chair, both in its design and in the many institutional and Faculty processes that must be followed to ensure that students’ work is assessed in a timely, equitable, and meaningful way.

If your unit has a significant number of students enrolled, it is likely you will need to coordinate and support markers who may or may not have taught into the unit during the trimester.

This section provides detailed information about the marking process, including the importance of marking moderation, strategies for providing feedback on student performance, how to use tools to check for plagiarism, and the many administrative requirements for managing examinations and finalising results.

It is important that as Unit Chair, you are aware of the University Policy and Procedural requirements and administrative processes that impact on assessment, marking and feedback provision, as outlined in the: University Assessment (Higher Education Courses) procedure.

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