Managing student expectations around the unit


One comment that constantly appears in students’ unit evaluations is that there appears to be no relationship between the unit content and the course. This is particularly evident when the Unit Chair is not aware of the range of courses students in this unit are enrolled in.

You can help ensure students see the connections between the unit and the course/s in which students are enrolled.

  • Explain in your unit site and during class time how the content, and particularly the assessment, is relevant to each course cohort. The time you spend on this activity will pay dividends later in the unit with increased student engagement.
  • If possible, develop some examples, readings, documentation, exercises or activities that demonstrate how your unit is relevant for each of the student cohorts in your course/s (or disciplines if there are many courses).
  • It is as important to develop contextual and scaffolding resources as it is to develop content-based materials for your unit.

See Know your cohort to learn all the ways you can find out more about your students to help you manage their expectations.

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