Safety and Deakin “Safer Community”


Safer Community

Safer Community is a Deakin-wide service which aims to keep all campuses safe. The service provides guidance in relation to all reports of behaviour which are concerning, inappropriate or threatening and offer support to all parties involved.

It is a central point of enquiry for information, advice and support in managing problem behaviours that have, or could, cause offence, fear or trauma (physical or psychological).

These behaviours can compromise the safety of members of the Deakin Community and are therefore a priority for the University to address.

Students and staff are encouraged to report a concern in the following situations:

  • Have been targeted by a member of the Deakin Community behaving aggressively;
  • Feel unsafe because of the behaviour of a member of the Deakin community;
  • Believe they have been sexually or non-sexually harassed, bullied, stalked or threatened;
  • Have witnessed problem behaviour;
  • Have concerns about the well-being of a member of the Deakin community;
  • Believe a member of the Deakin community could be a missing person;
  • Would like advice and/or training on recognising and managing problem behaviour.
  • Wish to clarify issues of responsibility, confidentiality or duty of care.


SafeZone is a free app which students and staff can use to connect directly with the Deakin Security team. Students and staff are encouraged to install the app.

If you are working with a number of new sessional staff, you should encourage them to download the app, particularly if they will be on campus late in the evenings.



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