Dealing with complaints


From time-to-time students will make a complaint against some aspect of unit management with the Unit Chair. For example, it might be that a recording is unclear on CloudDeakin or that the student believes a seminar leader has behaved unprofessionally during a seminar.

Any complaint should be treated seriously, investigated without bias, and a resolution communicated to the student.

If you think that you cannot deal with the complaint, then it needs to be directed to the Director of Teaching and/or the Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning for resolution.

Complaints can also be referred to the Faculty Academic Progress Committee (FAPC) via email for management, investigation and resolution.

If the student is unsatisfied with this local resolution then they have the right to lodge a formal complaint with the Student Complaints Office.

Receiving a complaint from a student can be a confronting experience for a unit chair, particularly if you’re new to the role. If you need support, speak with your Director of Teaching or seek support from Deakin’s counselling service.

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