Managing my unit and teaching staff


As Unit Chair, you are responsible for managing any sessional staff who work with you in the unit, as well as managing the variety of student communications and requests that may come through to you directly or indirectly. For information on managing student communications, jump to: Providing academic advice and support to students

In addition to being the academic leader in the unit, responsible for what and how students are taught, you’re usually the first point of call for any enquiry related to the unit. A large number of these will come from students, but requests may also come to you from:

Faculty Teams Types of request
DBS Support or DLS SupportExam-related administration
eVALUate related administration
Ordering resources for teaching
Casual Staff Plans
Learning InnovationsSet up the unit site
CurriculumSet up the unit guide
Confirm textbooks (for future offering)
Academic Progress CommitteeAd hoc requests for information pertaining to student academic progress
Amendments to results
Academic Integrity CommitteeAd hoc requests for information pertaining to student misconduct
University Teams
Student AdvisorsPre-requiste and co-requisite waiver requests*
Disability Resource Centre (DRC)Adjustments for Students
Learning Access Plans (LAPs)
Student LifePeer Assisted Study Sessions (if you run a first year UG unit)

*Subject to Dept. approval process. See the page: Waiving hurdle or prerequisite requirements If you are unsure about whether or not to approve a request for a pre-requisite or co-requisite, please speak to your DoT.

This section will help you familiarise yourself with the types of activities that often require the attention of the Unit Chair, as well as provide you with information about the systems you need to use to carry out these activities and or find information to support students that might come to you for assistance.

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