Teaching Plans


As well as developing resources for students to engage with, it’s also important that you develop plans for staff teaching into your units. This is especially important when your unit runs across different campuses and different modes.

Teaching plans provide tutors with key information about how to engage with students in seminars/tutorials, including key questions to ask, key points to raise, key strategies to use to encourage active learning.

Developing teaching plans means there’s consistent teaching across the unit. Students will engage in the same sorts of discussion and other activities no matter which seminar they attend, and can be assured that their peers will be receiving the same information as they are.

Teaching plans help ensure equity in terms of the students’ learning experiences. They also ensure that all students are prepared in the same way for assessment tasks and a final exam.

If you are unclear about how to develop teaching plans, speak to a Learning Designer. You can contact a Learning Designer by clicking on General Requests – Learning Innovation

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