Resources for designing learning and assessment


Beyond the Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin has other resources to support teaching and learning such as the DeakinDesign Principles, and the Leading Courses handbook. These resources will help you understand the teaching and learning context in which Deakin operates, and support your resource development.

DeakinDesign Principles

It is important to consider these principles as guides for the design of your unit and the development of learning resources. If you require any assistance in translating these principles into concrete actions, register for CloudFirst 101 on CloudDeakin. You can self-register and work through the resources at your own pace.

For further support, you can schedule an appointment with one of the learning designers General Requests – Learning Innovation

All learning at Deakin is

1. Holistic

2. Authentic

3. Active and collaborative

4. Integrated

5. Digital

6. Course-wide

7. Inclusive

8. Feedback focused

9. Relational

Leading Courses

The Leading Courses guide is a key document to access when taking on the role of Unit Chair. It is essential that you become familiar with this publication as it gives a detailed overview of the ways teaching and learning happens at Deakin.

Leading courses (2019): Course Design (Chapter 3)

Further assistance on developing or modifying Unit Learning Outcomes aligned to Course and Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes can be obtained by contacting the Learning Innovations Team General Requests – Learning Innovation

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