Reviewing and reflecting on the unit


The final meeting of the unit teaching team for the trimester should review all aspects of the unit with a focus on how students have demonstrated achievement of the ULOs.

In particular, this meeting should review:

  • Gaps in student preparation that can be communicated to the course team;
  • Unit learning resources on the CloudDeakin unit site
  • Classroom teaching techniques including active learning strategies, practicals, seminars and fieldwork
  • How student feedback can best be incorporated in unit improvements
  • The effectiveness of the assessment in evidencing ULO achievement
  • The effectiveness of the assessment in challenging students at the unit level.

If the outcome of this review recommends changes to be made to the ULOs, assessment or other components of the unit requiring Faculty approval, discuss these with the Course Director. To initiate any changes, a proposal will need to be submitted to the Curriculum Committee for approval.

For more information on this process, see the approval process for changing units.

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