Student evaluation of teaching – eVALUate


Students at Deakin are given the opportunity to reflect on their learning and provide feedback about the teaching, support and resources provided in units studied.  Deakin uses the eVALUate survey to collect feedback on students’ learning experiences within units and to help improve the quality of teaching and courses. All teaching staff, including casual teaching staff, are evaluated (excepting those only involved in marking for the unit).


  • Focuses strongly on student learning, and prompts students to reflect on their own contribution to learning.
  • Encourages students to agree or disagree, or to indicate that they are ‘unable to judge’* (there is no neutral option).

There are two parts to the survey:

  • The first part focuses on student perceptions about the unit and what has helped or hindered their achievement of unit learning outcomes.
  • The second part seeks student feedback about individual teaching effectiveness.

The survey includes both quantitative and qualitative items. The quantitative items ask students to report on their level of agreement with statements about:

  • the design features of the unit and how they assist their achievement of unit learning outcomes
  • motivation and engagement in learning
  • overall satisfaction
  • satisfaction with teaching of named individuals

The qualitative items allow students to comment on their experience of the teaching in the unit. They also allow student responses on what the most helpful aspects of the unit were and suggestions about how the unit could be improved.

The (eVALUate) data is made available the Monday immediately following the release of results for the unit. Unit Chairs should ensure the outcomes are treated objectively and with consideration.

Generally, agreement rates of 80% or more indicate that the teaching approaches being used are successful and engaging for students. Agreement rates less than 70% indicate that the teaching approach needs to be revisited.

Unit Chairs who require advice on outcomes should discuss the eVALUate results with their Course Director, Director of Teaching, a member of Learning Innovations, your Head of School or the ADTL. Mentoring can be provided, so don’t hesitate to seek it out.

*Note: If students indicate ‘unable to judge’ the system records this as a 0 which will have a negative impact on the overall response for the question.

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