Evaluating and improving the unit


Once results have been finalised and uploaded to Callista, and you’ve received feedback from students, you’d be excused for thinking your role was done.

Not quite! It’s now time to start thinking about lessons learned from the unit offering and improvements you could make for the next offering.

Often this review will identify that the unit needs a refresh and a few tweaks, but sometimes it may identify a more thorough redevelopment of the unit.

Ensuring that the unit, its ULOs, assessment, and content are up-to-date and support students’ learning is a key part of offering an education experience that helps prepare students for their future lives and careers.

When considering how the unit ran you will need to consider your own experiences as Unit Chair, the reported experiences of the students (whether informal or through the eVALUate process), and the experiences of the tutors and markers who were involved during the trimester.

Inviting feedback from these varying perspectives will allow you to work out what the priorities for development should be for the unit.

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