Learning is supported

Student services which enable participation and success, academic support services to develop underpinning knowledge and skills, and high production-value learning resources

Student services

Student learning environments connect students to the wider university community including extracurricular activities and specific services including university management,  disability support, counselling, financial/legal aid, health services and advocacy.

Academic support services

Learning environments embed generic and contextualised links to a range of services that support learning including technical support, academic study support, librarians, career services

Online Learning resources

Focused learning steps employ a strategic, creative, inclusive, accessible and flexible combination of video, image, text, linked resources and focused learning activities. This includes:

  • Sequenced, concise 300-750 word texts with clear descriptive titles
  • Concise 2-5 minute videos that explain key concepts and practices
  • Compelling people-focused imagery to enliven site design and represent culturally and socially diverse real-world contexts
  • Infographics to visualise complex topics and data (with alternative text equivalents)
  • Animation or annotations that demonstrate ‘live’ problem-solving (with alternative text equivalents)

Learning resources are available in a range of modes to suit user bandwidth, learner preferences and accessibility requirements

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