Learning is activity focused

There are clear calls to action and a mix of learning activities that lead to defined summative assessment tasks

Task design

All learning resources are linked to tasks that are framed as clear calls to action for sequenced learning activities: read, watch, listen, investigate, discuss, collaborate, practice, critique, reflect. These activities:

  • encourage and develop learner autonomy
  • provide a variety of ways for learners to develop and practise skills and explore and deepen knowledge, and opportunities to choose topics of interest and ways of engaging with them
  • provide formative opportunities that are linked to and lead clearly towards summative assessment tasks.
  • provide opportunity for teacher and/or peer feedback

Summative assessment

Key assessments produce a real-world digital artifact, such as a video, document, image or application file,   that can contribute to a learner’s portfolio of evidence of achievement. Tasks are designed to provide:

  • evidence of student achievement of key graduate learning outcomes
  • evidence of student achievement of key professional skills or competencies
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