Learning design at Deakin is a collaborative multidisciplinary activity

It can engage a range of discipline-based academics, education specialists and support staff that match content expertise with expertise in learning design, delivery, support and resource production.

Learning design teams

Learning is designed by teams bringing complementary expertise to the provision of effective learning and teaching. Design teams:

  • work collaboratively across schools, faculties and divisions thorugh collective design and construction
  • use evidence-based practice to guide design and delivery, including good practice from other universities, the educational literature and scholarly investigation of past experience
  • share good practice with colleagues

Quality assurance and improvemen

Learning and teaching is regularly and rigorously reviewed with peers and against external benchmarks to identify issues and opportunities for improvement. Quality is:

  • judged by the outcomes for learners and the experiences of learners, teachers and support staff
  • reviewed regularly for units after delivery of each unit and for courses, annually (viability and broad indicators) and in-depth at least once every five years (self, peer and external review)
  • the basis for course and unit development
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