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PowerPoint Presenter Coach

Do you want to practice your presentations before you present them? You can rehearse your slideshow with presenter coach!

The presenter coach helps you give effective presentations by providing real time feedback. It evaluates your presentation based on pace, usage of filler words and culturally sensitive phrases. It also evaluates originality by detecting if you’re reading off the slides. It provides statistical summary and improvement suggestions at the end of the presentation rehearsal.  

An example of the report at the end of the rehearsal

This tool can be used for practicing for lectures, peer-presentations and professional presentations. Students can also be recommended this tool to practice and improvise their presentations for assignments.

The coach works best when there’s only one speaker rehearsing and might not work well if there are more than one person rehearsing. The tool can be found under slideshow tab in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Watch this short video from Microsoft to see it in action.

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