Panopto Guide – Sharing Panopto Videos to CloudDeakin

This guide outlines the recommended practices for sharing Panopto videos on CloudDeakin. While there are various ways to share content, theses methods are designed to ensure that students can access the content seamlessly and that it is consistently rolled over across different iterations during the BL Learning Innovation site-building processes.

Sharing content for CloudDeakin involves two key aspects:

  1. storing the video in Panopto.
  2. embedding the video in CloudDeakin.

It is important to note that the embedding process differs from the DeakinAir method.

Simply using the ‘Insert Link’ function with the Panopto video link won’t suffice. Panopto does not recognise the source of the link, emphasising the necessity of the embed method for inserting materials into CloudDeakin.

Moving video to correct folder

The folder the video is stored in is essential for sharing. Refer to the Panopto Guide – Panopto Folder Structure for comprehensive details on folder organisation.

If your video is already located in the unit folder, you can proceed to the Embedding Video in CloudDeakin instructions.

To share video content, it must reside in the Unit Folder. If you have created and or uploaded a video in your My Folder, follow these steps below to move it to the Unit Folder. This will inherit the permissions of the folder which will automatically give access to any staff and students enrolled in the unit site.

  1. Go to your Unit Site.
  2. In the Navbar, navigate to Tools > Panopto to access the Panopto homepage.
  3. Select My Folder from the left Menu.
  4. Open Panopto in a new window by selecting this symbol
  5. Choose the video(s) by checking the checkbox on the top left (you can select multiple videos if needed).
  6. Click Move.
  7. In the pop-up, search for the Unit Code and choose the Unit Folder with the correct trimester version.
  8. Select Move and wait for the selected videos to be marked with a checkbox.
  9. Close the Panopto window and return to the Unit Site.
  10. Go to Content > Class Recordings and select Panopto Video.
Scheduled release of videos
  1. Within Panopto, locate the video and click on the Settings icon.
  2. In the Overview dialogue box, scroll to the bottom where you’ll find options for Availability.
  3. Set release/end dates as needed in the Availability section.
  4. Click the X in the corner to close the dialogue box, applying the setting to the video.
Sharing videos to multiple units

If you have a video in your My Folder that needs to be used in multiple units, it will need to be copied into the respective unit folders.

  1. Open My Folder and check the box next to the video you want.
  2. Click the Copy icon from the options.
  3. In the copy dialogue box, choose the relevant unit from the dropdown menu and the click Copy.
  4. Your video is now in the Unit Folder of the selected unit. Repeat these steps as needed for multiple units.
Embedding Video in CloudDeakin

As highlighted in the guide’s introduction, it’s crucial to note that the embedding process for Panopto videos is a new method distinct from the DeakinAir approach.

To embed Panopto videos:

  1. Open the content section where you wish to embed the video and choose the desired location.
  2. In the Content Editor, click on Insert Stuff.
  3. Choose Panopto Video.
  4. In the dropdown, search for and select the Unit Folder.
  5. Pick the video you want to embed.
  6. Click Insert
  7. Confirm by selecting Insert again.
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