Panopto Guide – Managing Class Recordings

Any scheduled class recordings, typically those in lecture theaters planned for recording, will be automatically uploaded to the Unit Folder.

Class recordings covers a number of different scenarios, including In-Classroom Recordings and In Room Zoom Recordings, and Online Zoom Recordings. This could be for either a Lecture or Seminar.

When booking a space you will need to do this with the Faculty Timetable team and it follows the process explained in the Unit Chair Manual. If you have questions around your booking you will need to contact

When choosing a space make sure it fits with your needs you can do this by checking Deakin’s IT Facilities Search and make sure the room booked has the capability you need:

  • Class recording: Meaning you need to record the class but there is no need for live streaming online. This is best achieved in a standard teaching space with the recording capability.
Class recordings search settings

When you search in Deakin’s IT Facilities Search  you can select a Site as the Campus you are on and then under Room features add Panopto Lecture Capture to filter to the rooms that have this feature. You can also search for a room number to confirm the room you booked has this feature.

You can confirm that the room you have booked has the capability by seeing the Panopto Lecture Capture icon in the list of room features:

Live stream: Meaning you want students in the classroom and online to be able to access the live stream at the same time and potentially interact with each other. This is best achieved in a Zoom Compatible room.

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