Panopto Guide – Creating a Panopto Video

This guide will guide you through the process of creating video content with Panopto. It will demonstrate best practices for video recording and how to share your screen and computer audio.


Accessing Panopto

To access Panopto:

  • Go to your Unit Site.
  • Navigate to Content > Class Recordings.
  • Select Panopto Video.

Create Video

  • In Panopto click Create and choose either Panopto for Windows or Panopto for Mac.
  • You will be prompted to open the app or download it.
  • If you haven’t installed the application yet:
    • For Deakin computers, follow these instructions.
    • For personal computers, select the download button and follow provided instructions.
  • If the application is already installed, click Open to launch it.
  • In the application window (see example with details below) go through this process:
  • Set the Folder to the relevant unit folder (For any content for unit content the folder should be the unit folder: eg 202x Trimester x – ABC123_Tri-x_202x – ABC123 – Unit title)
  • Rename the video in the Name field.
  • Choose the desired webcam as the Video source.
  • Set the Audio to the correct microphone and test it. The audio meter should light up to demonstrate audio working.
  • Leave Quality as is.
  • If capturing computer audio, check Capture Computer Audio.
  • For PowerPoint or Keynote, select and configure options accordingly.
  • For screen recording, select Capture Main Screen (Secondary Sources for Mac)
  • Once settings are adjusted, start the recording.
  • After recording, open the Panopto Application and stop the recording.
  • In the popup, verify the Name, provide a video description, and continue.

Explore the options below for additional functionalities:

  • Select a view relevant to your needs.
  • Use hotspots for a better understanding of the application.
Panopto for Windows
Panopto for Mac
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