Panopto Guide – Accessing & Navigating Panopto

This guide aims to introduce you to Panopto, offering insights into best practices for using the platform in the context of teaching and learning. This guide covers the following topics:

Accessing Panopto

To gain access to Panopto, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Unit Site
  2. Click on Tools > Panopto Video (please note that this view is different from a student’s perspective)
  3. This action will direct you to the CloudDeakin view of Panopto, specifically to the Unit Folder in Panopto
  4. You can explore Panopto within the CloudDeakin window, or alternatively, open Panopto on its dedicated website by selecting the icon highlighted below

Installing Panopto desktop application

For an optimal video creation experience in Panopto, it is essential to install the Panopto desktop application on your computer. The installation methods vary depending on whether you are using a Deakin-owned PC, Deakin-owned Mac or a personal computer.

Deakin-owned PC

  1. Navigate to your start menu and locate the Software Center or Company Portal
  2. Within the applications list, find Panopto Recorder and click on it
  3. Choose the ‘Install’ option and follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

Deakin-owned Mac

  1. Launch the Self Service icon from your dock of the Applications folder
  2. Look for Panopto in the search results
  3. Proceed to install the application

Personal Computer

  1. Go to your unit site
  2. In the Navigation Bar, click on Tools > Panopto Video
  3. Select the Create button
  4. Choose either Panopto for Windows or Panopto for Mac
Navigating Panopto within CloudDeakin
Navigating Panopto on the Panopto website
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