Panopto Guide

Panopto, the default video content creation and lecture recording management platform replaces DeakinAir (Kaltura) and Deakin Video (MediaSite). It serves as a comprehensive platform for creating, managing and sharing educational content. With interactive features like quizzes, discussions, and comments, Panopto is designed to enhance learner engagement. Theses resources are offered to support you in capturing content within the classroom setting.

To see training guides on the following topics, follow this link to the Video@Deakin Sharepoint. also has a wealth of information if there is something that isn’t covered in these resources.

BL Learning Innovations have created some guides to assist staff to navigate Panopto.

DeakinAir (Kaltura)

DeakinAir (Kaltura) remains accessible in a ‘read-only’ capacity; existing videos will remain visible and playable, but the ability to create or upload new media has been disabled. As of Monday, October 23rd, all new video content creation is to be conducted exclusively in Panopto.

Notably, staff won’t lose any existing video content in DeakinAir. Videos created or viewed in the last two years (since July 2021) will be automatically transferred to Panopto, relieving staff of the need for manual migration. However, videos not viewed in the last two years, generated before July 2021, won’t undergo automatic migration. Despite this, such content remains accessible by submitting a request through IT Help.

For videos created or viewed in the last two years and currently embedded in CloudDeakin unit sites, playback via DeakinAir will persist temporarily. However, a transition plan is in progress to re-embed this content using Panopto. This process is currently underway, aiming to streamline the transition and re-embedding effort for teaching staff.

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