How to Create an Assignment Folder

The Assignment tool in CloudDeakin allows you to have students submit electronic copies of their work into an Assignment (dropbox) folder. Here’s how to create an Assignment folder.

Click on the drop-down arrow next to Asessment on your unit site Navbar

Click on Assignments

Click on New Assignment

Name: give the assignment folder a name e.g. Tx 202x MMMxxx Assignment x

Grade Out Of: what is the point value of this Assignment? Put the maximum points in the Out Of box. Like with Quizzes, if you want the Assignment grade to go to the Gradebook, select “In Gradebook” in the next field.

Due Date: Select the Assignment due date. The Time should be 8pm as the university standard time for all assignment submissions.

Upload Files: You can attach files with instructions or model submissions by clicking on the upload icon.

Availability dates & Conditions:

Start Date: enter Start Date if the assignment has a specific start date to be available for student, otherwise leave it blank.

End Date: the end date of the folder can only be open for an additional 5 days past the due date.

Manage Special Access: to give extensions to students, click Manage Special Access, select Add Users to Special Access then add the student/students then update the settings and click Save.

Submission & Completion: Select whether this is an Individual Assignment, where each student submits a file, or a Group Assignment, where there’s one submission for the group, with all group members getting the same grade.

Category: You can opt to put your Assignment into categories (helpful organisation if you use a lot of Assignment folders).

Files Allowed Per Submissions: Set how you want CloudDeakin to treat multiple Files and multiple Submissions.

Evaluation & Feedback:

  • Add rubric: If you plan to use a grading rubric for the assignment, associate the rubric here.
  • Manage Turnitin: We use Turnitin for Plagiarism detection (Originality/ similarity checking) and online Assignment Mark-up. To enable Turnitin, click manage Turnitin then tick on Enable GradeMark for this folder box then tick on Enable Orginality Check for this folder under Orginiality Check
  • Select Automatic originality checking on all submissions.

  • Click More Options in Turnitin – you must change the first option so that the papers are submitted to: Institution paper repository. This is a university requirement that all student papers are stored on Deakin’s servers for student privacy.

Click Submit then Save

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