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CRADLE seminar on students’ digital illiteracy

Tuesday 16 July I attended a CRADLE research seminar by Dr Luci Pangrazio on digital media literacy. Luci highlighted that despite stereotypes about Gen Y and Gen Z students, we cannot make assumptions about their digital literacy as there is often inadequate digital media training in compulsory education. Which is to say, while we may presume our students are “digital natives”, in reality, some of them may not even be digitally literate.  

This has implications for how we teach at Deakin, as we utilise technology to increase access to, and the accessibility of, our educational offerings. Are we doing everything we can to ensure students have the information necessary to make sense of and engage with, the technology that underpins their studies? From CloudDeakin to Blackboard Collaborate and the many applications of Microsoft Office; what are we doing to make sure students understand how to access these resources and their benefits?  

A deeper reflection on Luci’s presentation is available in CRADLE’s blog as well as a recording of Luci’s presentation. Also, you can read more about how the BCom is embedding digital media literacy in its curriculum.

Image of presenter, Luci Pangrazio
Dr Luci Pangrazio at Deakin Downtown
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