What is it?

Zoom is a real-time synchronous tool used for virtual classroom environments for online learning and meetings in a collaborative environment. Zoom is a cloud platform using modern and intuitive interface for up to 300 participants.  

What to use it for?

Zoom allows you to talk online in real-time, chat via text online, share presentations, videos, applications and iPad/iPhone screens. You can use zoom for discussions, brainstorming (using whiteboard), group work by using breakout groups or private sessions, instant polling, staff to student catchups, online lectures or tutorials, and student collaboration spaces. 

Useful Resources

Active Learning Tools


You are able to create a Padlet prior to a zoom meeting and then share it during the meeting so students can contribute in real-time. To get your Padlet license follow the Padlet SSO Instructions. Included in the instructions is a video which includes step-by-step instructions on creating a Padlet.

Sharing a Padlet during a zoom session

  1. Load the Padlet within your chosen browser.
  2. Share your browser window within the Zoom meeting. 
  3. Instruct students to have Zoom open on their computer and Padlet open in their browser. 
  4. Students can then contribute to the Padlet in real-time with entries appearing live in the Zoom meeting. 


Engaging your audience in has never been easier in a Zoom meeting. Conduct live Polls, Quizzes, Word Clouds, Open-ended questions, Q&A’s and more to capture real-time input straight from a Zoom meeting.

Share your Mentimeter presentation from inside a Zoom meeting without having to leave or switch tabs. Participants can join and vote from inside the Zoom client, with no voting codes or additional devices needed.

Presenter Steps:

  1. Setup your Mentimeter account by following these instructions to sign up.
  2. To learn about Mentimeter and how to build your interactive presentation in your Mentimeter account, please visit the Mentimeter for Teaching and Learning dTeach site
  3. To present your Mentimeter presentation in Zoom, you will need to go to deakin.zoom.us and login using SSO. Click the Settings tab on the left hand menu and then choose the ZOOM Apps tab on the right. Turn on the Zoom Apps Quick Launch Button. NB. you will only need to do this for the first time as the setting will remain on for future zoom meetings.
  1. Open Zoom and click the Apps tab in the desktop client or in the toolbar of your next Zoom Meeting. 
  2. Click Discover to see the list of available Zoom Apps and add Mentimeter.
  3. Login to Mentimeter using your Deakin credentials and you will now see your Mentimeter presentations. 

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