Intelligent Agent

What is it?

Intelligent Agents are a communication tool within CloudDeakin that can send automated emails based on pre-defined criteria (i.e. if a student fails an assessment task, not logged into the unit site for 10 days). These criteria are called release conditions.

There are several pre-defined release conditions, but you can also create new ones depending on your needs. You can run these manually or set them to run on a schedule (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, or annually).

What to use it for?

Intelligent Agents can be used to engage students effectively while providing various educational values – retention, engagement, motivation and learning. For example, Intelligent Agents can send out e-mails encouraging those who achieved a high mark in an assessment task; e-mail students who have not logged into CloudDeakin to remind them to do so along with sending helpful links and contact information.

Who in Learning Innovations can help me with this?

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