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Connecting a Deakin room to a Zoom meeting

With the likelihood of more of us slowly making our way back onto campus you may want to join a Zoom meeting from a video conference enabled Deakin room.

Here’s a Deakin Help Desk article:

Zoom – How do I join a Zoom meeting using a Deakin video conference room?

Tip: Look for the SIP address in your Zoom meeting invitation (e.g. and the meeting passcode if there is one (e.g. 123789)

If you prefer watching video demos, here are a couple of quick ‘how to videos’ I recorded last year in a couple of Deakin rooms at the Geelong Clinical School.

Apologies for the fast panning of the camera at times ūüėČ

For a list of rooms that can be connected to a Zoom meeting:

(See attached screenshot)

Finally, I’d recommend you do a test if possible, to ensure the room behaves the way you expect it to, so you’re not ‘surprised’ on the day.

This article was originally posted by Peter Bright on Demystifying Digital CoP.

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