• CloudDeakin

    Copyright and CloudDeakin

    While CloudDeakin Minimum standards require that we all adhere to copyright legalities, it can be difficult to know where to start. With so much text, image, video and audio content available on the internet – most of which is automatically protected by copyright – how do you know what you…

  • Quiz

    Standard quiz question formats

    Creating a bank of questions Open your preferred word processing program. For all question types, each question must commence with a question number, followed by a full stop or a close parentheses and at least one space, then the question wording. Example: 1) Who was the first Prime Minister of…

  • CloudDeakin

    Updating Staff information

    Staff information is automatically extracted from the Deakin Staff Profile as populated by HR. Staff can visit the online Deakin Staff Profile System to update your information and photo. Step 1 Step 2 Update the profile details. If its the profile image you are updating, keep the following in mind: When you…

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