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    Teaching Online, easy. Right?

    It’s been a few weeks now since we’ve moved our teaching online. That was a tumultuous week. Tuesday 17 March, we got the directive to pause all campus teaching; and I wondered what was going to happen to the MWL101 seminar I teach on Wednesdays. I was quite impressed that…

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    Reading List

    Using a reading list is an easy way for students to be able to access their required readings. All types of resources can be added including book chapters, articles, videos and website links from the library and the internet. The list can further be customised to reflect the layout of…

  • CloudDeakin

    Result Finalisation Support

    When one mentions exam time stress, often people think about the anxiety and pressure students face, but few take a moment to consider the stress and pressure that academics, namely Unit Chairs, are faced with when it comes to finalising student results. On top of marking hundreds of exam papers,…

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