Business & Law Education Research @ Deakin

BLER@D supports and promotes a scholarly approach to improve student learning outcomes in business and law education by: 

  • Building the capacity of BLER@D scholars to conduct evidence-based impactful Business & Law education research.
  • Disseminating research outcomes that evidence impact to academic stakeholders.
  • Disseminating teaching and learning tools that ‘make a difference’ to student learning, and to internal and external teaching staff.
  • Recognising and rewarding evidence-based, impactful business  & law education research outputs.
  • Establishing productive research partnerships both domestically and internationally, with a focus on AACSB and EQUIS accredited Business School partners and reputed Law School partners.
  • Promoting academic exchanges between partners to design and develop innovative curriculum and to develop scholarly research outputs.

*A scholarly approach is evidence-based, cognisant of existing literature, and makes a substantial contribution to that body of (peer-reviewed) literature.

GCHE Mentors

BLER@D members are available to mentor FBL staff members undertaking the GCHE. We can assist with identifying Business or Law Education research projects that can be completed as part of your course.

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