Authentic Assessment Methods: A Practical Handbook for Teaching Staff

The purpose of this handbook (part-I to part-IV) is to assist teaching staff in implementing Deakin University’s strategic policy direction by scaffolding authentic assessment practices. This handbook has four parts.

Part-I of this guide covers detailed specification on each GLO including: definition, learning domain coverage, supporting technologies, assessment types, characteristics, example artefacts and assessment methods and associated description with some example criteria for assessment.

Part-II is a succinct and concise reference handbook for choosing appropriate GLOs for each assessment method.

Part-III includes examples and templates for assessing various GLOs. Part-IV includes references and further readings.

Part-I:Detailed guide for choosing appropriate assessment methods for covering each GLO
Part-II:Quick guide for choosing appropriate GLOs for each assessment method
Part-III:Appendices – Sample examples and templates for each GLO
Part-IV:References and further readings

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