2020 Deakin Teaching and Learning Workshop

The 2020 Deakin Learning and Teaching Workshop was held on 26th February 2020 at Deakin Downtown. The workshop, consisting of five sessions, welcomed A/Prof Barbie Panther, Associate Professor and Director, Teaching Capability at Deakin University, who kicked off the session by sharing Deakin’s achievements at the Australian Awards for University Teaching.

Bernie Marshall and Thomas Eastwood presented on re-imagining eVALUate reiterating the importance of reviewing student feedback to enhance teaching. The session was an interactive workshop discussing a future student survey system along with overview of the literature around student satisfaction surveys.

Puva Arumugam alongwith Biance Frost, Darci Taylor, Nick Patterson, Andrea North-Samardic and John Rosa talked about ‘designing for premium, Cloudfirst Learning or: How I learned to do things differently and love (or not) the process’. They discussed how working with a multi-disciplinary, cross functional team to design and develop premium online learning for the first time can present a steep learning curve for educators. The panel discussion provided a candid insight into the challenges, successes and lessons learnt from the process of designing differently to develop and deliver premium CloudFirst learning at Deakin. Personal stories and perspectives of educators who have worked on FutureLearn and CloudFirst CoDesign Project were also highlighted in the session.

The overall themes from all sessions included Designing Differently, Assessing Differently, Digital Innovations, and Teaching Differently. The end of the day saw Project Launch ‘Open textbooks, diversified content and social justice: a national scoping study’ by Sarah Lambert, CRADLE, and Steering Group members. #DeakinLT20 was used to live-tweet about the event.

The workshop was organised by Deakin Learning Futures. Visit to learn about their upcoming events such as the DLF Lunchtime Series.

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